Site Security

We safeguard many kinds of locations

Each industry and facility or location will have specific hurdles. We can properly overcome them by using the best staff, security solutions and strategies. Our custom site security services and programs are adapted to our clients’ needs.

We specialize in securing the following types of locations:


City Transportation (CAT)

Colleges & Universities


Construction Sites

Multi-Family Dwellings

Security Guards

Our security guards are highly skilled and certified. We employee only the best, most professional staff and combine their skills and expertise with the latest technologies to provide integrated solutions tailored to any situation.

Autonomous Robots

Detect, Deter, Report. Introducing AI powered technology to enhance our security services with autonomous robots. Be in more places at one time with more ears, eyes and voices helping to protect people, property and assets.

Surveillence Solutions

Camera security systems for commercial and residential locations. We have dedicated, in-house professionals ready to handle everything from the concept to the design and installation of video surveillance equipment that can keep your property or location monitored and protected.

Aerial Drones

Drones give us the ability to surveil large areas night or day to capture information from a top-down view, gathering data from scenes that might have otherwise been missed from the ground, as well as perform more in-depth investigations and deter bad actors from committing bad acts within the public sector.

The Future of Security

Weatherspoon Security employs tech-driven solutions to secure people, property and assets. Have questions?