Private investigation

Fast and Efficient Results

Weatherspoon Enterprises Inc. offers private investigation services at the highest level of efficiency. In this respect, we employ only the best talent and rely on our law enforcement and specialized training to cover the most complex private/personal investigation needs our clients may have. We are skilled to handle personal and corporate cases and employ our fact-finding and surveillance resources to uncover the truth about infidelity, theft, injury, or workplace complaint and allegation cases.

We specialize in both Private and Personal Investigation services.

Private Investigation

To get the answers and results you need, we tailor our private investigation services to your case’s specific circumstances. We have dedicated private investigators for every type of investigative need and employ specialized tactics based on our law enforcement backgrounds.



Child Support



Personal Investigation

The core of our personal investigation services is determining whether the person you are dealing with or wondering about is being truthful and honest. For this, we implement investigative tactics tailored to each individual case and undertake extensive fact-checking and background verification actions.


Corporate Fraud

Injury Claims & Allegations

Background Checks

The Future of Security

Weatherspoon Security employs tech-driven solutions to secure people, property and assets. Have questions?