About OUr Company

Mission Statement & Guiding Principles

As a global security company Weatherspoon Enterprises’ mission is to improve the footprint of security using technology and human capital while protecting people, property and assets and provide our customers peace of mind for those we protect and serve.

We hold ourselves to high standards, which begins with core ethical principles that form the foundation of Weatherspoon Enterprises’ commitment to integrity, corporate social responsibility, legal compliance, and ethical conduct.


Charles Witherspoon

Chief Executive Officer

Private security consultant, educator, published author, and former law enforcement official, Mr. Witherspoon represents our top management with pride. His 38-year experience in law enforcement, developing and overseeing operational plans, managing drug interdiction teams, threat assessments, counterintelligence to terrorism, and responding to active shooter situations, as well as securing large-scale events, venues, buildings, assets, and VIPs is unparalleled.

He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Pfeiffer University plus a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix.

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Antoine Ensley, Sr.

Chief Financial/HR Officer

Antoine Ensley Sr. joined Weatherspoon Enterprises Inc. in 2022 as consulting Chief HR Officer. His experiences include former tenure as a shift commander with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department having served 12 years with the agency. He was appointed Chief of Police for a smaller municipal in western NC before later assuming the role of Superintendent of Juvenile Justice for the City of Norfolk. He rejoined the City of Charlotte in 2012 where he served as a HR Division Manager for talent acquisition and workforce development. He also served at the City’s Drug and Alcohol Administrator responsible for overseeing the City’s responsibility for drug testing under FTA, FMCSA and the City testing authority. Antoine Ensley holds an MBA complimented by national credentials as a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources, certified Workforce Development Professional and Diversity Recruiter. 

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Christine Gray

Vice President of Finance

Christine Gray joined Weatherspoon Enterprises as VP of Finance. She is a graduate of the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Christine is an accomplished data analyst with extensive experience in analyzing data using statistical techniques, implementing and maintaining databases and gathering, analyzing and interpreting trends. Her excellent analytical and critical thinking skill s bring forth strategy oriented financial planning and budgeting to the company.

Christine also holds CTT+ certification from CompTIA and has served as an international trainer and consultant in the field of data analytics and business acumen.

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Kimberly Ensley

Director of Info Technology

Kimberly Ensley is a data-driven Director of IT with extensive experience in planning, building and managing SaaS innovations. Her background extends over 20 years in IT operation management, revenue technology management, and legal security management. Her technical skills are complimented by her agile experience, analytical skills and ability to develop strategies to meet technology specifications and budgetary constraints in a cost-effective manner. From planning to execution, she oversees all technology operations and evaluates them in relation to established goals. As part of her role, she develops and implements IT policies and system performance to support the implementation of company strategies.

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David L. Holmes, joined us in 2022, as the Operations Manager, and now, The Director of Operations Training and Employee Development. David had an eye-catching 33 year professional career in Corrections Law Enforcement with the District of Columbia Department of Corrections. His experience also include Military Security, Security Account Management, Armed or Unarmed Guard/Officer experience and or other related fields. He is presently licensed in the State of North Carolina’s Private Protection Service Board as an Unarmed Security Guard Instructor.

David holds certifications from the (FEMA) Emergency Management Institute in the areas of Emergency Preparedness, Policy/Procedures Development, Incident Command System Operations and Coordination, Time Resources Allocation and Conflict Resolution. He was also honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps in 1975.

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Career Opportunities

We are proud to exercise a bridge to the future of the security industry with an intentional focus on next generation technology. Join our team and help model the way.