Site Security Services

Site Security Services

Proficient Services for A Safeguarded Location

No matter where you are, one of your most basic wishes will be to feel safe. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about the safety and security of your business, your construction site, your home, or your children’s school. Feeling protected at all times from any danger is essential to our wellbeing. Most times, it will take more than just wishing to make that happen.

The expertise and capabilities your chosen security company can provide are the most important aspects of this profession. Their quality of services and level of proficiency are the elements that translate into how safe and protected you are. We, at Weatherspoon Enterprises Inc., offer our clients proficient safety and security services delivered by highly-skilled talent. Weemploy only the best, most professional staff and combine their skills and expertise with the latest technologies to provide integrated solutions tailored to any situation.

Each industry and facility or location will have specific hurdles.We can properly overcome them by using the best security solutions and strategies. Our custom site security services and programs are adapted to our clients’ needs.

They meet any demands and particularities and consistently deliversuperior safety and security standards.


To properly tend to our clients’ safety and protection needs, we base our security services and solutions on well-founded strategies and tactical approaches. Keeping a location safe requires much more than an on-sitepresence. It means addressing any potential vulnerabilities head-on. It requires analyzing potential risk scenarios and response strategies, as well as properly staffing and equipping the secured location. At Weatherspoon Enterprises Inc., we provide integrated site security services covering every aspect of a location in order to keep our pledge of delivering the best security services.

Our site security services include:
  • Risk assessment
  • Retail loss prevention programs
  • Surveillance & alarm system planning and design
  • Site security planning including access control and security guard patrols
  • Executive security consulting for site-specific requirements
  • Special mission armed security teams
  • Armed security drivers
Our site security teams include:
  • Professionally trained armed guards
  • Executive security agents
  • Highly skilled bodyguards
  • Qualified unarmed guards
  • Security and surveillance experts and specialists


Our experts will be with you every step of the way to help you define your safety and security needs. To ensure that we deliver only the best solutions for your specific location, our security specialists will work with you to determine:

Specific Factors

Every location requiring site security services will have its own set of characteristics and potential risks or exposures. Our site security strategies take into account all these specific details to provide customized and efficient security solutions.

Security Staffing Needs

Properly staffing and equipping a guarded location is essential in managing the security services provided for a specific location. Our teams work with you to define the number of armed or unarmed guards and the surveillance and security equipment your location needs.

Physical Security Needs

Keeping a location and its perimeter safe requires appropriate planning for securing all access and entry points. We run several potential security risk scenarios to determine the best site security solution for your particular location.

Information Security

Our security experts can help plan failsafe strategies to prevent any loss of intellectual property through specialized security systems.

Construction Site Security Services

Construction sites are especially vulnerable locations.Maintaining their security needs to be a priority. They are wide and exposed spaces with large potential for unauthorized access. We offer 24-hour site security services complete with security guards, security patrols, and surveillance equipment. Theycan protect all of your expensive site equipment and construction materials that are exposed to the risk of damage and theft.

Our 24-hour on-site construction security services can bring you peace of mind knowing that your site, your equipment, and your materials are safe and secure. You won’t have to worry about any potential losses or damage when you choose professionals to handle your security needs.