Private Investigation Services

Professionally Delivered, Fast and Efficient Results
No one wants to be in a situation that requires the use of private investigation services. We understand that reaching out to us takes a lot of courage. For this reason, we treat each private investigation case with the highest degree of confidentiality, knowing that both the information and the situation are highly sensitive to our clients.

Our mission at Weatherspoon Enterprises Inc. is to offer private investigation services at the highest level of efficiency. In this respect, we employ only the best talent and rely on our law enforcement and specialized training to cover the most complex private investigation needs our clients may have. We are skilled to handle personal and corporate cases and employ our fact-finding and surveillance resources to uncover the truth about infidelity, theft, injury, or workplace complaint and allegation cases.

The skills and tenacity our private investigators demonstrate allows them to impact the resolution of very intricate cases. Our licensed private investigators have solved or led to the resolution of custody, adultery, missing persons, and fraud cases by finding and providing relevant answers and information in a timely and efficient manner. In many of these cases, employing a team of professional and experienced private investigators is what prevented major financial losses or made the difference between life and death.Our training and techniques help us deliver the most resourceful services and we pride ourselves in always obtaining the best results, especially in time-sensitive cases.

We know that we have the resources and knowledge that can deliver the results you need to feel safe and protected again.


To get you the answers and results you need, we tailor our private investigation services to your case’s specific circumstances. We have dedicated private investigators for every type of investigative need and employ specialized tactics based on our law enforcement backgrounds.

Our Private Investigation Services
  • Personal Investigator
  • Legal Investigations
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Child Support Investigations
  • Divorce Investigations
  • Relationship Private Investigator
Our Private Investigation teams include:
  • Former law enforcement personnel
  • Licensed private investigators
  • Surveillance and tracking experts and support staff
  • Executive security agents

Personal Investigator Services

Solid facts are the key to shedding light on and solving personal or corporate fraud cases. To find out if you may be at risk having allowed a stranger into your life, you need fact-checked answers and rapid results. Our licensed private investigators are equipped to handle complex background checks verified from multiple sources and corroborated with on-site interviews, as well as government records.

Companies are also exposing themselves to risks not knowing who they hire. In other cases, individuals may be trying to take advantage of your company by filing an injury or workplace complaint or allegation. The only way to shield yourself and your business from these potential risks is to partner up with professional and properly skilled private investigators that can uncover all the answers that can solve the case.

The core of our personal investigation services is determining whether the person you are dealing with or wondering about is being truthful and honest. For this, we implement investigative tactics tailored to each individual case and undertake extensive fact-checking and background verification actions.
Our Personal Investigator Services

  • Theft cases
  • Corporate fraud cases
  • Injury claims
  • Injury allegations
  • Personal background checks

Our Personal Investigator Services

  • Obtain documented facts about the person you suspect of fraud or misconduct
  • Get the proof you need in cases of theft or embezzlement
  • Protect your loved ones and your business against the unnecessary risk of being
  • exposed to someone you are unsure of
  • Get specialized support and advice
  • Have licensed private investigators obtaining concrete answers, not more questions