Personal security services

Personal security services

Discreet and Effective Security at All Times

The rise in threats against not only celebrities and top executives, but politicians,foreign dignitariesand individuals has changed the way people see personal security.

It’s no longer a matter reserved for a specific group. Everyone can be targeted by an attack or an act of aggression and everyone deserves to be and feel safe. Limiting the risk of an attack is a serious undertaking and it requires specialized training and tactics and diligent delivery. Our goal at Weatherspoon Enterprises Inc. is to provide highly-competent personal security services by recruiting and training only the best security guards and employing the best security tactics. Our law enforcement background allows us to foresee, mitigate, and plan for any specific circumstances that may represent a threat to our clients. Our security guards are discreet and highly-trained and serve our clients with meticulousness and integrity. We work with companies, government organizations, and individuals alike and offer personal security services such as executive protection, surveillance, vehicle escort and transport security, crowd control and threat management, all with a focus on our clients’ specific needs and requirements.


We deliver fully customized personal security services that include initial assessment, tailoring a security strategy, and employing top talent for the security detail. Our personal security guards are trained to assess and mitigate threats, apply de-escalating tactics, provide emergency response, and conflict resolution.
Our Personal security services
  • Bodyguard for Hire
  • Celebrity Security
  • VIP Bodyguard Services
Our Personal security team include:
  • Former law enforcement personnel
  • Armed and unarmed guards
  • Trained bodyguards
  • Surveillance and tracking experts and support staff
  • Executive security agents

Bodyguard for Hire Services

Having a professional bodyguard by their side at all times is a great resource for those who are going through a situation that puts their safety at risk. A dedicated security detail can prevent any acts of aggression, violent attacks, as well as limit and compensate for any personal safety vulnerabilities.

Our top-trained bodyguards go through rigorous training to be able to deliver their best when they are in the service of our clients. They can prevent situations like physical assaults, robberies, or kidnapping. They act as your first line of defense and make your wellbeing their top priority. Our bodyguards will take the time to assess your specific circumstances, evaluate the risks you are exposed to, and prepare to handle any hazardous situations head-on. They will be your constant,discreet, and trustworthy companion and make your safety their job.

Having a bodyguard by your side will bring you and your family the peace of mind that you are safeguarded from any unexpected threats and unpleasant incidents.
Our Bodyguard for Hire Services

  • Personal detail (short or long-term)
  • Security drivers
  • Vehicle escort services
  • Crowd control and access control for private or public events
  • Threat assessment and surveillance
  • Location surveillance with top-of-the line equipment

Benefits of Bodyguards for Hire Services

  • Location surveillance with top-of-the line equipment
  • Prevention against physical attacks, robberies, kidnapping
  • Immediate action in case of an unexpected and unwanted situation
  • Protection against stalkers and unauthorized access into your home or office
  • Vehicle escorts for long or short distance travel