Armored Courier Services

Secured Transport Every Time

Securing your shipments and getting your valuable transports to their destination safely are our highest priorities. Just as they are yours. Precious cargo needs security support while in transit, as well as for pick-up and delivery. The employed preventive, route safety, and transport measures and tactics applied for a shipment must meet the most rigorous standards to ensure the transport is safeguarded.

We provide specialized armored and unarmored transportation security, cash pick-up, and asset protection security services for shipments delivered by individuals, companies, and government agencies no matter the route or destination. Our services are based on our superior understanding of the logistics chain and our extensive security experience and they are tailored depending on the client’s specific needs, as well as the characteristics of the transported goods.

Our highly-skilled and talented staff provide integrated security services that allow our customers the peace of mind they need to tend to their business while their security needs are tended to by experts. Our experience in protection services and logistics, together with our law enforcement training and tactical abilities are unparalleled and the quality that sets Weatherspoon Enterprises Inc. apart from any other security company.

Compliance and safety are also at the core of our armored / courier services and our main focus. All our services comply with local, national, and international norms and regulations and our personnel arequalified and highly trained for the use of firearms and security equipment.


Each transport and each cargo are unique, and so are our transport strategies. We put our clients’ needs first and cover all the aspects of pick-up, transit, and delivery to employ the most relevant tactical approaches.

Our Armored / Courier services include:
  • Verified and trained armed guards
  • Compliance with security and classified material standards
  • Risk assessment and prevention planning
  • Route and staffing planning
  • Top-of-the-line communication, surveillance, and tracking equipments
  • Loss prevention planning
  • Special mission armed security teams
Our Armored / Courier teams include:
  • Unarmed security guards
  • Armed and unarmed drivers
  • Professionally trained armed security guards
  • Executive security agents
  • Security and surveillance experts and specialists

Armed Transportation Security Services

We, at Weatherspoon Enterprises Inc., employ the best tactics and highly-skilled personnel to deliver specialized armed transportation services. Our staff is highly skilled and properly trained for carrying and using firearms and security equipment. Our transport strategies are customized depending on location, potential threats, and any special cargo circumstances. Our armed transportation services cover all the stages of a secureddelivery, from pick-up to destination. Our strategies cover preventive measures, measures for mitigating existing risks, and en route security tactics to get your valuable transports delivered safely every time.

Our armed transportation services are tailored to suit the needs of various industries. We have been serving banking, governmental, and commercialcustomers across the US for many years and pride ourselves in the level of service we provide. Our multi-industry customers rely on our professionalism and expertise on a regular basis for local, national, short or long-distance transports. They know and trust that the quality of our services and our professional and ethical standards can ensure that their valuable cargo is consistently secured and safely delivered to its destination.
Our Armed Transportation Security Services

  • Armed security guards and drivers
  • Armored or secured transportation vehicles
  • Security assessment and route planning
  • Communication, surveillance and tracking equipment

Benefits of Armed Transportation Security Services

  • Profit preservation through loss prevention
  • Protection of transported goods against theft and damage
  • Trained personnel that can prevent and mitigate transportation risks
  • State-of-the-art, advanced communication, surveillance, and tracking equipment